Simple Crocheted Scarf

Crochet has been my latest obsession. Maybe it's cuz I'm nesting—who knows?

Anyways, after making a little hat for our baby boy, I just about started to make another one when my husband pointed out to me that our newborn baby is only going to need so many hats. So I decided to make something different. I wasn't feeling very brave so after researching things like socks and bags, I decided to stick with a basic scarf. I found a free pattern that looked like it was simple enough...but I don't do well with crochet patterns. I struggle reading them in the format they are written. So I altered it. I'm pretty proud of the way my scarf came out and I decided I'd share my pattern with you all, written in my own custom format! Ha! Enjoy! :)

(Ignore my crazy tassels if you can! They still need to be ironed! Ha!)

Simple Crocheted Scarf Pattern

  1. Chain 15. Mark the 15th stitch with a piece of yarn or stitch marker.
  2. Then chain six more stitches. Counting the stitch marker, crochet 1 dc in the 4th chain from the stitch marker and 1 dc in each of the next two chain stitches in the foundation chain. Skip 3 chains and then crochet 1 dc in the next chain and the following 2 chains. Skip 2 and then crochet 1 dc in the last chain. Turn. (This has begun your overall pattern.)
  3. Chain 2. Crochet 3 dc in hole. Chain 2. Crochet 3 dc in hole. Chain 2. Crochet 3 dc in hole. Turn.
  4. Chain 5. Crochet 3 dc in hole. Chain 2. Crochet 3 dc in hole. Chain 2. Crochet 1 dc in corner. Turn.
  5. Keep alternating between steps 3 and 4 until your scarf is the desired length! You should finish off with step 4. Then you can add tassels if you wish! :)

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